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Where Should You Start?

First and foremost, finding a lender is critical to the real estate buying process. After finding a lender, Veltri Realtors & Associates can help you determine exactly how much you are eligible to receive when financing your new home.

Our Smart Home Mortgage Lenders will make your buying experience as painless as possible.

Why Do You Need an Agent?

Not only do you need an agent, but you also need a REALTOR®. The National Association of REALTORS® have set forth a code of ethics and define the standards for real estate practice in the US. So, it is crucial you have an agent who is also an official REALTOR®.

Why are Veltri Realtors Your Best Option?

Your Veltri REALTOR® always looks out for what is right for you and enters into negotiations with your best interests in mind. A proven entity in New Jersey, Veltri Realtors & Associates can help you create a short-list of the New Jersey’s top neighborhoods and find the best locations to accommodate your needs. By the same token, your Veltri REALTOR® can help you cover more ground and even find homes which are not publicly advertised, e.g., pocket listings.

Coupled with facilitating your search efforts, your Veltri REALTOR® will help you write-up of the most competitive offers for potential properties; all the while, giving you peace of mind about your decision. Once your offer is approved, your Veltri associate will help you navigate all the complexities involved in filing for your purchase. Finally, we make sure your REALTOR® is on-site to celebrate your victory and give you the keys to your new home first-hand.

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