Veltri Virtual Office is open 24 hours a day...7 days a week

Transaction Management
Access all of your files from anywhere in the world! Add, email or fax documents directly from the system! Invite other agents to participate!

Access all of your forms from anywhere in the world! Fill out Listing Agreements, Contracts,
Change Forms and any other form that is in a "Bricks & Morter Office"

Education & Training
Access educational materials including scripts. Learn how to handle objections as well as
accessing up-to-date industry information.
Acces training and webinar schedules.

Veltri Video Series
Veltri Realtors Video Series! Listen to videos from top trainers and coaches such as Floyd Wickman, Tom Hopkins, Mike Ferry and more.

Marketing & Sales Associate Promotion
Access company marketing materials. Customize flyers, brochures with your personal information. Order business cards, name badge, and more.

IDX Log In
Tied to the agent roster page, the agent bio page gives your agents their own personal place to call home on our website. Not only do agents get their own login, management over their own leads and custom email updates, but if they also add an HTML header in their account, that header will display on all pages users visit if they start directly on that agent's bio page.

Just For Managers
Access information about the company, sample sales meetings recruiting tips, policy & procedures, system manuals.

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