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About Us


There is one simple and straightforward statement that may best describe our company – “Everyone’s at Home with Veltri & Associates, Realtors.”

Since 2001 Veltri Realtors has combined both traditional and Internet sales capabilities including residential sales and rentals, commercial, adult community, new homes, luxury homes and estates, vacation homes and rentals as well as worldwide relocation. The company features an array of flexible money-saving listing fee plans as well as a broad range of compensation opportunities for its sales associates.

Our broad experience, personable agents and unparalleled real estate expertise combine to bring buyers and sellers together, meeting their unique needs with the highest level of service through a variety of choices and incomparable convenience. We believe all of our clients should be served honestly, respectfully and resourcefully in order to produce the best possible results in the most desirable time frame. By incorporating the proper resources, most advanced marketing tools and top-notch talent, Veltri & Associates, Realtors is capable of meeting the needs of even the most discerning clients throughout New Jersey.


Management matters. But what makes companies more likely to be good at it? In large part it’s the people. Al and Cindy Veltri fully understand that and that’s what makes Veltri & Associates, Realtors a consistently top rated company in Monmouth & Ocean Counties.

Albert S. Veltri received his real estate license in 1991. After a stellar career managing two of the top family-owned independent real estate firms in the Monmouth & Ocean County area Al & Cindy Veltri decided to open a new and exciting real estate firm…Veltri & Associates, Realtors. see full bio…

Cynthia L. Veltri began received her real estate license in 1991 and has extensive experience in corporate management. She gained this experience working for a CEO of a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Shrewsbury, NJ. see full bio…

Global Network

The Internet has led to cultural and economic changes that tilt power away from large organizations. Veltri & Associates, Realtors has leveraged technology to empower agents to compete with the large “big-box” franchises.

In addition to the exposure your listing will receive on our local MLS system, Veltri & Associates, Realtors, through our participation in the National Association of Realtors Internet Data Exchange policy, your listing will be searchable and viewable on 1,000’s of websites including those of our competitors.

We also syndicate your listing via our agreement with third-party, non-MLS websites to enhance the number of “eyeballs” that will view your property.

Family Owned

Family-owned businesses are recognized as an important and distinct organization in the local economy.

Within the last decade have their unique benefits been identified and studied. Family businesses have been described as unusual business entities. The description is due to their concern for the long-term over generations, their strong commitment to quality and its relation to their own family name, and their humanity in the workplace where the care and concern for employees is often likened to that of an extended family.


Most REALTORS® are likely to be affiliated with an independent, non-franchised company. What makes Veltri & Associates, Realtors one of the most successful independent real estate brokerages?

Higher margins, low overhead

Veltri & Associates, Realtors can live with less office space because we’ve adopted open floor plans and utilize flexible working spaces where agents aren’t tied down to a desk. This in combination with smart technology, cloud storage, paperless transaction tools, virtual meetings and assistants.

Fast moving

Without the baggage of a hierarchical org, rigid rules and internal politics, Veltri & Associates, Realtors is able to optimize, move fast and take advantage of technology and market trends. It is important for us to maintain a flat org and tech forward approach — fast and nimble is the name of the game for Veltri & Associates, Realtors.


Veltri & Associates, Realtors are more flexible with our plans and our systems, without compromising accountability, service delivery standards and agent and consumer expectations. We are constantly evaluating ourselves and our services responding quickly to market changes and demand.


Veltri & Associates, Realtors have technology built into our DNA and are able to sort through what technologies to adopt, how to partner and where to double-down on a tech advantage. While we are highly tech driven, we have designed and combined systems and service with a ease of use and that are common sense driven.


Veltri & Associates, Realtors were birthed in 2001, and have experienced the recessive real estate market in the late 2000’s so we know how to handle bad markets. We are driven less by legacy thinking, we avoid industry politics, and we have no fear of new technology and new entrants. Our impulse is to partner, not fight.

Push the envelope

Veltri & Associates, Realtors empower ideation and an “always be improving” mentality. We understand the value of testing, trying new approaches and moving decisively on whether innovations work or not.

Attracting top new agents

Driven by a culture of collaboration, social giving and independence, Veltri & Associates, Realtors are successfully recruiting the next generation of top agents.

Flat organization

Veltri & Associates, Realtors has flat organizational structures, and therefore we avoid the dangers of a top-down approach. The spirit of collaborations goes along with new agents and younger millennials who work with our broker owners to drive business success.

Diversity as an asset

Veltri & Associates, Realtors embrace diversity as a powerful weapon to enter new markets. We realize the value of serving a diverse set of clients with a diverse workforce. Bringing differing ideologies, approaches and outlooks only strengthens the culture at our firm.

Social giving

Veltri & Associates, Realtors emphasize social giving and being champions for the community in which we serve. Social giving programs are central to culture and business objectives.

Market Share

Veltri & Associates, Realtors is recognized as one of the top independent, family-owned boutique real estate brokerages.

Since first opening our doors in 2001 we have steadily risen and respected for our integrity and customer service.