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Veltri & Associates, Realtors, is a family-owned “boutique” real estate firm that combines both traditional and Internet sales capabilities including residential sales and rentals, commercial, adult community, new homes, luxury homes and estates, waterfront homes as well as worldwide relocation. The company features an array of flexible marketing plans as well as a broad range of compensation opportunities for its agents.

To find out more contact Al Veltri, Broker of Record at 1-866-483-5874 Ext. 401.

Fair-Balanced & Transparent Compensation Plans
You don’t need to be a CPA! Today’s agents want fair and balanced compensation plans that they design to maximize their earnings and receive leads on their listings! We can “customize” any plan you can design…if you can dream it, we can build it.

Incredible Support & Training
24/7/365 support from the Broker on down! We support and foster an atmosphere of success!

Agent Services & Promotion
We love Social Media! Use our admins to perform those time-consuming tasks.

No Fees
We are an independent family-owned real estate firm.  As such, we have no Franchise, Desk, Internet, Junk or ongoing monthly Fees!  You’ll like us!

Errors & Omissions Insurance
We have the best! First-dollar coverage, just in case. The best part is our Vanishing E&O premiums! We reimburse you 10% of your annual premium on each sales transaction! Wow! Only 10 transactions per premium year on you have paid zero premiums. It doesn’t get any better that that.

Systems & Technology
Work in the office or from home. We make it easy with our cloud based systems! We offer all of the systems the large franchise broker do. Big difference…our are all free! We even provide our agents with their own co-branded website with built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) built in. This way you can capture and develop your own leads without having to pay a referral fee to the broker or franchise.

Agent Sponsorship Bonus Program
Not to be mistaken for other companies’ profit share, production requirements, etc. You sponsor a new full-time agent to our company and you will receive a cash, company-paid, bonus every time the new agents closes a sales transaction…FOREVER!

It’s all good here at Veltri & Associates, Realtors! To find out more contact Al Veltri, Broker of Record at 1-866-483-5874 Ext. 401.

Working in real estate allows for independence and choices of environment in which to work, such as affiliation with a large or small firm as a listed salesperson. With more experience and upon passing of an additional exam, becoming a real estate broker is the next step. Brokers can own their own businesses and employ other salespeople.

We are looking for people with a combination of strong deal-making and interpersonal skills. The skills involved include:

Sales skills : Very HighCommunication skills : HighAnalytical skills : Medium
Ability to synthesize : LowCreative ability : MediumInitiative : High
Work hours : 20-70/week

It’s all good here at Veltri & Associates, Realtors! To find out more about becoming a licensed real estate agent and our tuition discount contact Al Veltri, Broker of Record at 1-866-483-5874 Ext. 401.

Simplifying Sales

What’s different about Veltri Realtors…everything!
The Atlantic Ocean, Barnegat Bay, fabulous mountains, interesting Metropolitan areas and a beautiful countryside add to the appeal of quality schools, nearby major transportation and healthy environment. Longtime resident Al Veltri understands such appeal very well. As President and CEO of Veltri & Associates, Realtors, he is totally committed to helping others realize this enjoyable way of life by providing the most comprehensive and convenient real estate services in our marketplace.

Sales & marketing solutions that work for any sales agents’ needs. Harness the power to close more transactions!

Veltri Realtors has been consistently ranked as one of the top companies in closed sales in all of Monmouth & Ocean Counties since 2006 and has remained a top producing company throughout the hardest real estate market EVER!

Just think about it…
We are consistently ranked in the 4-5% in closed residential sales in all of Monmouth & Ocean Counties!

Considering there are over…600 Companies with over 1,000 Offices and more than 10,000 agents, for a smaller independent broker with less than 50 agents…we’re doing really good!

Real Estate Without Borders
Internet-capable handheld devices are deploying typical office functions in the field, allowing real estate professionals to be increasingly less reliant on a brick-and-mortar brokerage building. Today’s real estate office can be a car, a coffee shop or most any location within reach of a signal tower or Wi-Fi hot spot. And increasingly, virtual brokerage offices can serve many purposes. Shifting from paper documents to electronic documents create greater efficiencies and improve tracking in the transaction process. We combine the power of the Internet to extend our traditional geographical borders and increase efficiency.

Real Life hands-on training and mentoring by experienced Brokers and Trainers
We afford every client a thoroughly trained and experienced sales associate in order to ensure positive results. Veltri & Associates utilizes our “white-glove” sales standards to your advantage and refined marketing techniques honed through many years of experience.

To find out more contact Al Veltri, Broker of Record at 1-866-483-5874 Ext. 401.

Open an Office

We have an entire turn-key concept for those Brokers who always wanted to open their own office. There is zero capitol outlay! We cover the costs! There is no downside risk.

From start to finish we offer a complete office management system and training. Corporate will provide all the support you’ll need. We want you to do what you know best…list and sell real estate! And, we’ll help you recruit and train your agents.

True profit sharing not contingent upon recruiting or multi-levels.

To find out more contact Al Veltri, Broker of Record at 1-866-483-5874 Ext. 401.

Why would someone want to build a real estate team? We are big believers in the “why”. Without this understanding, nothing is ever really accomplished. Without knowing why we are doing something, we can never know if we are successful or not.

Team building is hard work (like anything else business related). Building a team is an entrepreneurial endeavour. You are building a small business. Like any small business it takes time, effort and money to get it moving and growing. Without the right motivations behind your actions, it’s destined to fail.

The first thing you need to decide is why you want a team. Is it a status symbol? Is it to create immense profit or to provide a better way of life for you?

One of the most common mistakes when agents first start a team is they focus on the selfish reasons – “the results”, instead of the grand picture of what a quality team provides to everyone. A team cannot function solely for an individual. The reasons why to build a team include :

  • time and financial freedom (for everyone on the team, not just the team leader)
  • providing better service to clients
  • the satisfaction of teaching
  • raising the reputation of the industry as a whole

The more the team leader focuses on others (clients and team members), the better the chances are of the team becoming successful. The direct result over time is that the team leader will also reap huge rewards from the team environment. Let’s look at these benefits closer.

A team provides a platform that creates an easier way to do things. It should provide sources of leads, as well as help doing the non-dollar productive activities so the licensed team members can spend more time doing what they are best at, buying and selling homes. This means that one of the very first benefits to team members is time freedom. They need to spend less time per transaction, and therefore they can spend their time on either making more sales or living their life outside real estate.

We know how to build teams! To find out more contact Al Veltri, Broker of Record at 1-866-483-5874 Ext. 401.