Real Estate & Mobile Apps

It’s no secret that 21st-century consumers rely heavily on their mobile devices. Whether they’re partial to iPhones or Androids, people use their phones for everything from buying movie tickets to making dinner reservations. So, why would it be any different in real estate?

Historically speaking, the real estate industry has been slow on the uptake regarding new technologies. Although a website has been enough for realtors to get by in days past, that’s not the case today. The fact of the matter is, if you are not employing a mobile app when buying or selling homes, you’re selling yourself short. In other words:
A mobile app will make your real-estate-related tasks much more manageable.
Of course, while many apps on the market claim to make your life easier, these same apps are often difficult to use or flat-out impractical. However, there are options out there which may be best for you. For example, iMaxCRM is the first company to integrate an Open House App in conjunction with transaction management and CRM. Paired with an excellent real-estate broker, like Veltri Realtors & Associates, CRM software can make buying and selling a home quick and painless.

Veltri Realtors get the fact that selling property means spending time out of your home or office. Furthermore, it’s important that your time out of your workplace not be time spent strapped to your mobile device either.
That’s why having a program that can handle your overflowing inbox, put a stop to incessant phone calls, and answer texts automatically is vital to your success. After all, chances are you got into the real estate industry to get out there and sell houses— not answer emails.

Lead Generation & Managment

If you’re looking for prospective buyers and verifiable leads, then employing a reliable mobile app will only help you on your quest. For instance, some mobile apps will allow you to generate leads from sites like Zillow and Trulia automatically. Other apps can help you stay on top of your follow-ups and promote better business. Finally, other apps, like iMaxCRM, are all-inclusive and have features such as open API’s, automated home valuation, automatic email synchronization, and call routing.
Mobile apps are not just for companies wanting to systematize, renovate, and cultivate commerce. Apps but it’s also for those who want to keep things well-balanced. For instance, Veltri Realtors use iMaxCRM’s Open House App because it facilitates lead distribution at the touch of a button. It also permits you to keep tabs on other agents. Moreover, this program manages listings and other tasks as well.
Whatever your real estate needs are, to buy and sell in the industry without a capable mobile app would be disastrous.

At the End of The Day

If you don’t already have an all-in-one business solution for your real estate dealings, you’re behind the curve. In today’s real estate industry things move incredibly fast. Without the help of technology, the real estate industry will eat you up and spit you out whole.

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